Phulara Ridge Trek Uttarakhand

Phulara Ridge Trail: Himalayan Sea Trail

• Walking Difficulty: Medium, suitable for beginners and experts.
• Duration: 6 days, climb a staggering 12,345 feet in Bali Pass.
• Best time to hike: Winter (May & June) with wildflowers and clear skies.
• Trail Highlights: Ridge Walk, Ruinsara Lake, Har Ki Dun Valley, Olla Village, Wargrohini Mountains, Bandarpoonch Mountains.
• Trek Trek: Day 1: Dehradun to Sankari, Day 2: Trek to Juda Tal, Day 3: Trek to Bhojgadi, Day 4: Trek through Phulara Ridge to Pushtara, Day 5: Travel to Taluka and drive back to Sankari.
• Why travel: 250-degree views of snow-capped mountains, unique experiences of the gorge and connections between Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara valley