PE AL PE Composite Pipe in India

Thus, being at the forefront of industries that design and develop piping solutions across the globe, Nexgen Composite introduces its latest product PE AL PE Composite Pipe to the Indian market to revolutionize the infrastructure sector. Being a composite pipe with polyethylene outer and inner layers and an aluminum intermediate layer has enhanced internal and external protection from abrasion, impact, and corrosion. Withstanding the harshest effects of various environments, it is specifically designed for professional use in residential plumbing systems, commercial pipe and fittings, industrial applications of fluid transports, and many others. They embody such advantages as a timely-free and accurately-engineered pipe welding technology that ensures the absence of leaks and optimizes the fluid’s flow; the aluminum layer increases the pipe’s strength and heat resistance. This new composite pipe was created with installation in mind and the purpose of long-term service in mind, making it the perfect fit for Nexgen’s commitment to progress. Be ready to feel the advanced piping technology which is ready to make its mark in India through Nexgen Composite. Get the ultimate performance and sturdy pipe through our PE AL PE Composite Pipe.