Outlook of Real estate in India 2022

The real estate business has always been the apple of the eye of Indian investors. Let it be investors or big players like Tata, Hero, Kotak, and so on, or the existing players like Lodha, M3M, ATS, Raheja, and many many more. Real estate over a period of time has attracted one and all.

As there is a very old saying – “Roti, Kapada aur Makaan” are the three basic needs of an average Indian family. These values are imbibed from childhood and made as an aspiration to earn at least this much for the family and then move beyond. The sector has been ever-growing and has come across all the possible hurdles from time to time. Let it be economic depression in 2008 – 2010, Covid – 19 Pandemic. One of the rare identities that have come really strong post these disturbances and data to justify it. Not only post covid but also the demand for real estate kept on rising during the covid circumstances.

If we talk about India’s real estate sector off-late, the real estate sector is witnessing a phenomenal increase in demand in 2022, especially the demand for bigger houses and office spaces, the reason being simple. With the day by day increasing work from homework for all the salaried/personal business households or kids taking their classes for school and home tuition or job aspirants, all need more space to fulfil the space that is required. Now wonder if the momentum is expected to hold for the rest of the year and much beyond. From residential spaces to commercial marketplaces, the overall market outlook is set to get brighten the industry scenario of real estate.

The first wave of Covid swept across the country during the first half of the year 2020. A nationwide lockdown presented an unprecedented fear and a standstill all over. To make this worse the global scenario was not supportive either. Even the real estate players felt the fear and were in a shock wave and were thinking about the strategy from now on. But little do they realize, by now some of the high-end corp