The global organic fertilizers market is flourishing, driven by rising consumer demand for organic food and a growing awareness of the environmental drawbacks of conventional farming practices. This trend is expected to propel the market from USD 7.9 billion in 2024 to USD 13.6 billion by 2029, reflecting a healthy CAGR of 11.5%.

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Why Organic?

Conventional agriculture relies heavily on synthetic fertilizers, which can harm soil health, water quality, and biodiversity. Organic fertilizers, derived from natural sources, offer a more sustainable alternative. They minimize chemical runoff and environmental damage, making them a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

The surge in organic food sales underscores this consumer preference. Organic food sales in the United States surpassed a staggering USD 60 billion in 2022, signifying a robust organic sector. This trend extends beyond food, with total organic sales reaching a record-breaking USD 67.6 billion, highlighting a broader shift towards environmentally friendly consumption habits