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Fastest growing jobs of the 2022
While experiencing time with the Covid-19 pandemic, unpredictable is one word to explain everything. Moreover, a massive wave of layoffs occurred. Moreover, jobs are now trending again. Knowing the most in-demand jobs may help you to secure the future.
So, below is the list of fastest-growing jobs of 2022
Digital & Content Marketing
The world has officially moved to the digital realm, and so have most of the marketing jobs too.
India boasts around 500 million Internet users, and this number is growing at a very fast pace.
Despite the economic slowdown that the country is now facing, research suggests that there should be a job growth rate of approx. 10% for all the digital advertisers, marketing managers and promoters. This rate is faster than the average job growth rate when observed in the wider context of observable trends in commerce.
Furthermore, with the several content generation platforms competing for the user’s attention, employees are seeking out more creative opportunities to market up their content. And this is where you can see yourself fit in.
Job Opportunities available in the market:
Digital Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Digital Content Writer
Digital Copywriter
Skills required for a job:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Marketing
Academic Qualifications
As this field is relatively new, there are barely any established institutions dedicated to giving out any conventional degrees in digital marketing. Thus, a bachelor's degree in any discipline is good enough. Moreover, there are lots of institutions teaching part-time, full-time, diploma courses as well as distance learning programs in the field, which can be opted for.
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Data Scientist
Data Scientist is another such where the roles are seeing higher growth. Between the IoT (Internet of Things) and five billion active internet

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