Nice and great synthetic nitrile gloves

synthetic nitrile gloves
Product Description
About synthetic nitrile gloves
Synthetic nitrile gloves are made of high-quality stretched vinyl, with performance comparable to latex gloves. Synthetic nitrile gloves do not contain 100% latex and are ideal for those who are prone to allergic reactions when using disposable gloves.
Advantages of synthetic nitrile gloves
1. Outstanding chemical resistance, anti-certain pH, solvent, oil and other corrosive substances to provide good chemical protection.
2. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, anti-piercing, anti-friction performance.
3. Comfortable style, according to ergonomic design glove palm machine bending fingers to wear comfortable, conducive to blood circulation.
4. Does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies.
5. Degradation time is short, easy to handle, environmentally friendly.
6. No silicon composition, there is a certain anti-static properties, suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.
7. Low surface chemical residue, low ion content, small particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.
8.Widely used in electronics factories, medical inspection, food industry, domestic labor, chemicals, aquaculture, glass products and scientific research and other industries.

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