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A preschooler is between the ages of 2 to 4 years. They have moved past the age of a toddler, and they begin to understand many things compared to a toddler. A preschooler is characterized by a spirit to explore, learn, and understand everything.
At this age, they also begin to develop a sense of “self” where they start to recognize their parents and own people and differentiate between them and strangers. They are in the phase of learning as a preschooler. So you can expect the following things from them.
1. Lot of questioning: Preschoolers generally tend to ask many questions. They want a reason for everything, especially those in the age group of three to four years. By this age, they learn to speak, and therefore, they ask a lot of questions. So as parents, you have to be very patient in answering their questions. It would help if you did not curb their inquisitiveness as parents.
When you answer their questions satisfactorily, they move on to the next thing and become playful and happy. If you want your child’s curiosity to be nurtured, Mount Litera is one of the best CBSE schools in Whitefield.
2. Exploration: Preschoolers are explorers. They want to explore new things, and their curiosity is incessant. Everything is new for them, and this is an age when they are trying to understand the world around them. So they play new games. They look closely at the gadgets, and they want to know everything.