Middle East Cork Stopper Market (2021-2027) | Trends, Outlook & 6wresearch

Middle East Cork Stopper Market is likely to witness growth during 2021-2027. Although not seen as a big player today, the Middle East was and still is one of the largest corked wine producing regions in the world. The city of Shiraz in Iran, for example, was once a flourishing cork making region. Given the relative youth (in modern terms) of the market in that country, production quality is also low, with high alcohol and over soaked corked wines coming onto the market, making little dent on the international scene. Even so, Turkey is the most moderate example. UAE is dominating in the Middle East cork stopper market and has an untapped market and market players which are slowly expanding to this region which is one of the major reasons for the growth of corked alcoholic beverages market in this region. Widgetco, INC., and many more. With the advancement in technology, now there are at least five wine bottle closure choices namely natural cork bark, other plant-based synthetic, polymer synthetic, screwcap and glass available in the market to replace the age-old cork stoppers.