Mesh Fabric for Tent

The tent mesh fabric is made of 100% polyester mesh fabric, which is very durable for outdoor and harsh environmental conditions applications.
Product Description

100% Polyester Mesh Fabric for Tent Mesh Fabric
100% polyester mosquito mesh fabric is used for roman tents, it can help you avoid mosquito infestation.

What is Tent Mesh Fabric Made of?
At Qicai knitting, our tent mesh fabric is typically made from 100% polyester mesh fabric. polyester is one of the most commonly used fibers in mesh fabric manufacturing. The resulting fibers are then stretched and oriented together to form a strong yarn that naturally repels water, resists dyeing and UV degradation, and stands up to frequent use for a wide range of uses.

Advantages of Tent Mesh Fabric
Using polyester silk as a raw material increases the strength of the tent mesh fabric.

Super breaking strength makes it durable.

High color fastness makes it hard to fade.

Favorable’s airiness can increase your comfortable feeling.

Polyester mesh fabrics are highly elastic and have an inherent resistance to damage and degradation caused by acidic and alkaline chemicals, corrosion, flame, heat, light, mold and mildew, and abrasion.

The polyester exhibits good elasticity, which allows the material to return to its original shape after stretching by up to 5-6%.

In conclusion, these properties make polyester mesh fabric for tent mesh fabric tents and Roman tents, ideal for outdoor and harsh environmental conditions applications.
Specification of Tent Mesh Fabric