MERN or MEAN Stack? What’s Your Top Pick for Web & Mobile App Development?

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. But how rapid? The pace of technological innovation grows two times every 18 months when computing is measured. Not only this, but over 89 percent of big data has also been produced in the last two years. These stats and figures show how technology is advancing.

It’s a clear sign that the future of technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Right? But at the same time, small or enterprise-level businesses are also stressed to walk with technology trends. This urge leads them to launch a web and mobile app that further end them with a question – 'Which technology stack should I choose for digital product development, especially when I have the fastest growing MERN and MEAN stack on my list?

Choosing the right technology between MERN and MEAN is not easy. After all, both technology stacks are used to develop advanced web and mobile app solutions for small and large-scale businesses. Well, in order to clear up your confusion, we bring you this blog. Here we have highlighted the comparison between MEAN stack and MERN stack development that will shed a light on each aspect of these technologies.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s delve more into this topic to get answers to all your questions.