Studying MBBS in Bangladesh has consistently been the most sought-after and cost-effective choice for Indian students hoping to become doctors. Annually, almost 5,000 Indian students go on a journey to Bangladesh to pursue their medical education. MBBS in Bangladesh is a highly desirable option for Indian students looking to pursue a medical career. This is due to the exceptional quality of medical education, affordable MBBS fees, state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, highly qualified faculty, partnerships with prestigious Bangladeshi universities, and comfortable hostel and dining facilities.

Medical education in Bangladesh
Medical colleges in Bangladesh allocate 25% to 40% of its seats specifically for overseas students, which includes students from India. A high percentage of reservations for MBBS seats enhances the opportunities for Indian students to receive top-quality medical education. Admissions for the MBBS program in Bangladesh for the 2022-23 academic session are currently open for Indian students. Prospective students can contact Rus Education to secure admission in the prestigious medical institutes of Bangladesh.