Madrasa Run by a Cleric with "Terror Link" Demolished in Assam

He further stated that the madrasa was demolished under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Disaster Management Act, adding that it did not have permission from the local panchayat or district administration to construct on that particular plot. Sarma also said that the electrical connection to the madrasa was found to be illegal and hence the Deputy Commissioner ordered that it be demolished after following all legal formalities. Talking about Mustafa's alleged illegal activities, Sarma said that the mufti was an important financial channel for Ansar ul Islam and that money was frequently deposited in his account. "The other detained individuals, Mustafa and Afsaruddin Bhuyan, are proficient with cutting-edge communication devices. They were dealing with applications that we had not heard of. Later they dismantled them," the chief minister said.
"Assam Has Turned Into a Terror Hotspot"
In addition, he said that his wife shattered his phone as soon as Mustafa was taken into custody. However, the police managed to recover the motherboard and are investigating the matter based on the evidence collected.
This came after Sarma said that Assam had become a hotbed of "jihadi activities".
Addressing a press conference on Thursday, Sarma said the "indoctrination" of Muslim youth in imam madrassas outside Assam was alarming.
"The practice of jihad is extremely distinct from that of terrorism or insurgency. It begins with indoctrination over a period of several years, followed by active participation in the promotion of Islamic fundamentalism, and finally moves to subversive activities," he said.