Lifespan Of Solar Panels-AYKA SOLAR

Homeowners and business owners around Australia are continuously looking forward to making their lifestyle more sustainable by installing solar panels Sydney. To evaluate whether your solar system is worth the investment helps to understand the average life span of solar cell panels.

The average lifespan of solar panels Sydney is 25-30 years. Solar panels have a useful lifetime, but the lifespan of the solar panels on your roof depends on the weather, how often they are cleaned, and how well the roof is maintained. The lifetime of solar panels depends on the manufacturer and the materials used in their manufacture.

Standard warranties on solar panels
The length of the solar panel’s warranty shows you the manufacturers’ estimate of the life expectancy of their solar panels. Usually, the standard warranty for solar panels is 25-30 years, guaranteed for almost 80% output. Though it might be worrisome to deal with a broken panel after the warranty has run out, there are ways to prolong the life of your panels and tips to help you know whether they’re worth it. There are tips to help you identify warranty extendable and what warranties cover. If a panel is rated to produce 300 watts, its warranty will cover a minimum of 240 watts until its warranty of 25 years. Some solar companies Sydney may offer a longer warranty or guarantee 90% or more efficiency. The other warranties for workmanship and equipment beyond the solar panels, such as the inverter and monitoring equipment, totally depend on your solar installer in Sydney and generally for a shorter time.

Why do solar panels degrade?
There are many reasons why solar panels Sydney may degrade faster than predicted. The panels are being exposed to extreme changes in climate and/or have been installed in locations where there is either a lot of rain or a lot of standing water. If there is not enough space between the panels and the roof, then moisture from the rain can evaporate the thin film of water between the panels