Learn More About Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking Services consist of financial bodies that act as mediators between an investor and a borrower. The principal function of an investment management firm is to raise debt and equity funds to facilitate their client’s business expansions. Apart from raising capital, these companies also offer various financial services related to merger and acquisition (M & A), security trading, custodian services, new issues and IPOs, corporate restructuring, asset management, and other financial services.

Investment Bankers Clients
These professionals advise on capital raising and M & A needs to a wide range of clients including:
• Governments: Investment bankers work for the governments and help them raise funds, trade securities, and assist them to buy or sell government-owned corporations (GOC), state-owned enterprises (SOE), or government business enterprises (GBE).
• Corporations: Investment management firms work with private and public companies to help them go public (IPO) while providing them general corporate finance advice.
• Institutions: Investment bankers work with institutional investors who further manage other people’s money. They also assist private equity firms to help them acquire portfolio companies.

Investment Banking Services
These services include:
• Underwriting: Underwriting the transaction of an issue placement, for the companies looking to raise funds or go public via the IPO process, is a key service of an investment banker.
• Merger and Acquisitions: They manage the M&A process from start to finish by advising both buyers and sellers.
• Sales and Trading: They act as financial agents for a client and trade on their behalf.
• Equity Research: They also help the investors to make proper investment decisions and support them while trading stocks.
• Asset Management: This service includes managing investments of institutions and individuals across a wide range of investment styles.