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LaVivid Thin Skin Hair Systems

LaVivid Thin Skin Hair Systems

Submitted by • March 24, 2020

When it comes to thin skin hair systems, the first question would be how thin you are expecting because we have a few options for you to choose. Here at LaVivid Hair, we have ultra thin, super thin, thin and normal skin hair toupee available.

Ultra Thin Skin Hair System

There is another name for ultra thin skin and it is micro thin skin. As the name suggests, this kind of material is very very thin. Our Eros Men’s Hair System has a full ultra thin skin base which is only 0.02mm-0.03mm thick. Can you image how our craftsman even make a skin base like this? After the base is made, hair needs to be injected into the base. During the process, they have to be very carefull and handle it very delicately, otherwise, the base might be ruined. So when they make a hair system like this, there is about 10% possibility that the base be ruined and they need to redo it. This is why the price for it is comparatively higer.

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