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USA is the dream destination for most of the people for different reasons. Most people want to live in United States of America. Many want to migrate to this powerful nation hoping for a better life, better education, better living and so on. Even if someone is don’t want to settle in America but they at-least want to visit USA as a tourist and experience the beauty of the country. It is considered as USA as one of the most powerful as well as wealthiest country and cost of living is expensive too.

When you traveling to USA or if you are travelling from one state to other within USA for various reasons to you have to stay in hotel based on your budget. Hotels in USA are expensive. Most expensive hotels in USA are concentrated in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest states. Most expensive hotel rooms in the country are in these two regions. This is due to the fact that the cost of living in these states is high and the real estate is very expensive. The Northeast and Pacific Northwest states are home to many politicians and celebrities. A lot of Hollywood actors call Washington D.C. their home.

Most expensive hotels in USA are found in the states like California, Miami and Chicago. It costs more to live in New York City than in Seattle or San Francisco. In addition, it costs more to live in Washington D.C. than in Seattle or San Francisco. If you combine the price of airfare into the price of a hotel room, then you will find that a person who goes to the movies, goes to a show or even goes to a restaurant will spend about nine hours and fifteen minutes to get from one place to another. When a person thinks about how much time it takes to get to most of the places in the city that they want to go in, they usually end up saving money by staying at an expensive hotel room.