Laminate Doors for HDB Bedroom – My Digital Lock

Germany Tubular Door Core for HDB Bedroom Door

Many Door Factory in Singapore claim that their HDB bedroom door is solid or full solid, however they are unable to install the clothes hanger at the back of their HDB Laminate bedroom door.

Our Laminate HDB Bedroom Door uses the Germany tubular door core to create an intensive structure to create weight resistance, which allows you to install the hook system and reduce the noise, watch the YouTube to understand more

1. Sound Resistance 
2. Full Solid 
3. Weight Resistance (Able to Hung Clothes) 
4. Prevent Wrapping (Door Panel Bend inwards) 
5. Water Resistance

Beware of Melamine Laminate Bedroom Door
(Non-Water Resistance)

Many door factories from the same company have set up many new Facebook page to retail laminate HDB bedroom door at low cost.

However, these laminate HDB bedroom door were build using melamine laminate which is toxic on the surface and not water resistance.

Therefore, these bedroom doors will be whopped inwards after 2 years later and hence they do not cover warranty such as popping out laminate.

My Digital Lock have decided not to retail such bedroom door after receiving huge warranty and replacement of HDB bedroom door.

In House Laminate HDB Solid Bedroom Door (Wood Design)
Lowest Price and Match All HDB Door Factory Prices in Singapore from $299

Our HDB Door Factory have engage many Commercial and Condo Laminate Door Projects, hence we are able to order containers of laminate at lowest price in Singapore.

Up to 80 wood laminate design for you to manufacture the HDB Laminate Bedroom Door.