Kitchen Downlights

Because they are recessed, we recommend selecting downlights with a wider beam (of 60°) if you want soft diffuse lighting e.g. in the living room. If you are looking at downlights for the kitchen, however, a narrower beam (of 25°) angle is preferable because it will give you a concentrated light, perfect for when you need to illuminate surfaces and focus on smaller details within the room.

How to arrange and position kitchen downlights?
Lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of any room. And, when downlights are part of your lighting scheme, you can create the ideal arrangement while saving energy, reducing costs and maximizing space.

Putting downlights in a kitchen, The kitchen has increasingly become a focal point in the home. Much more than just a place to cook, the kitchen has become a favorite place to eat, socialize and spend time as a family.Food preparation, especially where slicing and dicing are involved, is easier and more enjoyable in bright, well-lit conditions. You can’t cook up a culinary masterpiece with a shadowy worksurface – so make sure you illuminate what you are doing, not the back of your head. When using kitchen downlights, always check the recommended spacing with your ceiling height and the power of the unit being used.