At Upgrade Technologies we offer VLSI physical design online training to our candidates, which makes us the favorable institute for both those who have a busy work schedule and those that wish to study on a part-time basis. Our training make institute to be the top physical design training institutes in Hyderabad and Bangalore.
Upgrade Technologies Physical Design Training Online is very interactive and designed to ensure that students get the best experience from the course. We utilize one-on-one training sessions to link up students and trainers. We try as much as possible to provide a conducive learning environment online that is equivalent to a classroom experience. We also assist our candidates with placement opportunities after their training. However, they must meet our placement terms and conditions to be eligible for a placement opportunity.
Through collaboration with our partners who are top-level VLSI industries, we can secure a placement for our students according to their skills and potentials. Using a profiling system for our students, we can understand each student’s potential. Upgrade VLSI Technologies is today the first choice physical design training institute with 100% placement for skill freshers in the VLSI industry.

As the area of physical design continues to expand to incorporate new topics, at Upgrade VLSI technologies, we work with an up-to-date curriculum to ensure that our students are not left behind in the ever-dynamic VLSI industry. The curriculum also includes assignments and other exercises that ensure that students understand each topic clearly before moving to the next topic. Since our inception, we have helped a good number of students secure the right jobs in the VLSI industry. Upgrade Technologies offer affordable physical design courses in Bangalore. Upgrade VLSI institute also offer RTL to GDSII training online, which ranks them among the best physical design training institute in India.
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