JetBlue Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy Complete Guide

Traveling with kids is quite challenging for parents and it needs lots of effort to tackle them during the course of journey. The challenges though are different when a kid has to travel alone without the company of a known person. This makes parents worrisome and nervous. Sometimes flights for kids are required to be arranged for traveling on their own. This may be due to various reasons, including attending school, visiting grandparents, fulfilling visitation requirements in split families, or for some other reasons. For booking a solo air travel for your child you therefore need to know the unaccompanied minor policy of the airline through which travel is to be made.

Each airline has its own rules and regulations for children traveling alone. Let’s take a look at JetBlue Airways unaccompanied minor policy. Knowing it beforehand prior to booking your child’s flight will undoubtedly be convenient and hassle-free.

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