Is acrylic coating better than laminate for kitchen cabinets?

Acrylic coating and laminates are both popular options for kitchen cabinets finishing. When you design your kitchen you would not prefer not just a sleek and glossy look; instead, the main purpose would be to make it last longer. Your preference would be to keep it germ-free and to withstand possible water and oil spillage, exposure to heat, moisture, UV rays, and regular wear and tear in the years to come. Choose RadheShyam Laminates, the best laminates in Bangalore, to meet all your kitchen cabinets requirements.

Acrylic coating is immune to moisture and UV rays. They are easy to wash and maintain. Acrylic provides a high-end look to your kitchen cabinets but any bruises, dirt, or other wear and tear appear quickly on its glossy surface. But if you would want your kitchen to have an ultra glossy finish, then the acrylic coating is the best option.

Acrylic coating provides a non-toxic finish and mirror-like look finish to your kitchen cabinets that add look and appeal. The benefits of acrylic coating are they are durable and fairly scratch and moisture resistant. Acrylic coating does not easily fade and retains its original color, it also does not delaminate even after years of regular use. Acrylic is available in various vibrant colors; although, they are not as vast as laminates.

Although acrylic finishes are easy to clean, they would need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt, grease, fingerprints, and other stains/marks from visually appearing on their surface. Acrylic coating undoubtedly has a high glossy and aesthetic appeal but they are expensive. After years, replacing acrylic coating finishes for your kitchen cabinets is not so easy as you may face problems in being able to find the exact match.

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