iron spiral staircase for sale

Cast Iron Spiral Staircase For Sale
We manufacture our Cast Iron spiral staircases to the same high quality, ensuring your stairs last a lifetime.
Our stairs are available in 5 different diameters, 1080mm, 1300mm, 1530 mm, 1560 mm and 1660mm with either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The rotation is defined going up the stair (bottom to top). All treads can accommodate 1,2 or 3 balusters depending upon the baluster design selected.

Benefits of Spiral Staircase Kits
Fast Installation, Easy to Assemble – can be installed by two people in less than a day, using regular tools and no expensive equipment.
Standard Staircase can be installed in either counterclockwise or clockwise direction.
Space Saving.
Adjustable Height.
No Welding Require.
All necessary parts included with kit.
Metal Staircase Kit Components are manufactured with hidden welds.
Fast Delivery of spiral stair kits nationwide and worldwide.