Importance of Gir Cow! What is Gir Cattle?

Description of Gir Cow:

The Gir cattle is an important Indian dairy cattle breed. They are very hardy and well-known for their tolerance to conditions of stress and resistance to various tropical diseases.
Gir bulls are used on all kinds of soil to pull heavy loads. By general, they are very gentle and polite, and love to be with people. The Gir cattle are very gregarious and form a very close circle at night with their calves sleeping under their heads. In India, it is a very popular breed of dairy cattle.

The average Gir Cow Milk production is 6-10 liters/day. Within India, the cows are also doing very well. They produce an average of 3,500 kg of milk per lactation in Brazil.

Gir cattle’s average lifespan is around 12-15 years. And during their lifetime, a cow develops 10-12 calves.