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What is IEO?
IEO, Initial Exchange Offering is an evolutionary crowdfunding model. IEO’s emerged as a secure fundraising system, where ICO’s failed to succeed. There is a main difference between ICO and IEO. In the case of ICO’s, the company directly approaches investors to raise funds whereas, in IEO, the company approaches a cryptocurrency exchange.

How does it differ from ICO?
Fundraising Environment
In ICO, you need investor and admin dashboards to conduct the fundraising process. However, if you go with IEO, the fundraising takes place at the Exchange.

Exchanges will screen the projects and investors based on their parameters before launching on its platform reducing your cost of compliance.

Smart Contracts
You don’t need to manage smart contracts as you do in ICOs. The smart contracts are managed by the Exchange.

KYC/AML services will be managed by the exchanges itself, thereby saving time, cost and resources involved in boarding investors.

What is ICO?
Initial Coin Offering, briefly known as ICO, is one of the hottest fundraising mechanisms for entrepreneurs whose businesses revolve around the crypto and blockchain space. Any company, mainly start-ups will require a considerable amount of funds to kick-start their venture and secure a place for themselves in the market. ICO development is a process in which companies raise capital by creating coins/tokens, and selling them in exchange for investment.

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