Ice-cream business franchise opportunity in India

India’s ice-cream market has been booming in the last few years the ice-cream industry is said to double its turnover between 2019-2021 from approximately $1.5 million (10.2 Cr) to$ 3.4 million (23 Cr). Due to more disposable income available with people and the entry of foreign ice-cream brands with ingenious concepts the ice-cream industry is looking towards tremendous growth in the Food and Beverages market. Customers are drawn more and more towards ice-creams as their choice of desserts especially during the summer season which is filled with days of scorching heat and are hunting for new, fresh flavors and concepts when it comes to ice-cream. The ice-cream industry is trending with ideas like Charcoal Ice-creams, Cold Stone Ice creams, nitrogen Ice creams, etc. For this very reason investing in an ice-cream franchise seems like a lucrative business opportunity at the given moment.

At Franchise Discovery we have partnered with a number of delicious and creative ice-creams brands and each one is unique in its own way and flavors! Listed below are the brands which are associated with Franchise Discovery and are super popular in the market right now having a loyal customer base.

Shahi Durbar – This brand sells some of the most unique ice-creams like Kulfi sundaes, ice-cream with fresh cream and even sugar-free kulfi. Besides that, they are also known as “The Falooda King” Their desserts are a rage amongst the crowd.
Space – 350 sqft

Investment – 25 lakhs

ROI – 12-14 months

IFruit – It has nearly 50 outlets across major cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, etc. and they are running quite successfully. IFruit sells some of the most unique concepts in ice-creams which you can never get bored of, like Ice cream cake fusions, Waffle ice-cream sandwich, Honeybell mawa cake ice-cream fusion. These unique desserts make you want to visit them more than once.
Space – 250 sqft.

Investment – 7 lakhs.

ROI – 16 months.

Flavour Stones – is a brand that serves l