How to use digichal digital khata app?

Similar to the digital khata business, the dukaan app is simple and easy to use. All you need is to enter the details of your business to create an online store. The menu can be added once you have entered your business address.

Apps like Digichal offer both digital khata business and online store options in one app. In 3 easy steps, you can start selling your products through your own online store.

Step 1: Add your business details.

Step 2: Create a menu by adding items manually or you can also use a readymade catalog.

Step 3: Generate the store link and share it with your customers.

Converting to digital dukaan online, the short terms gains are more sales whereas in the long-term the benefit is that you will develop a stronger relationship with your customers.

Apps like Digichal offer many opportunities along with online store, like digital udhar khata online for better and faster udhaar recovery; sales and expense digital khata for better business tracking.

All of this together helps to increase the online reach, establish a brand value for the business, improve revenues, and ability to plan a better future for the business.