How to Make Rosin at Home – Guide

You must prepare the tools and materials that you need so that the process will go smoothly, and you will be able to come up with the outcome that is according to your expectation.

Hair straightener – make sure to use one wherein the temperature can be easily adjusted. There is a recommended temperature that you need to use.
Materials – you should prepare the cannabis flowers, hash, or kief. You can use any of those materials stated. Make sure the materials are not so wet or so dry.
Baking paper or parchment paper – you can use the not bleached one.
Dabber – this can be used in collecting the finished products.
Gloves – it is necessary to use those gloves that are resistant to heat to avoid danger and to avoid resulting in a burn when using the flat iron.
Rosin screen – can be used for filtration. It is essential for purifying the materials to the particulates.