How to get Windstream Email settings on Outlook, iPhone, and Windows?

If you are also curious about the process of setting up Windstream Email on Outlook, iPhone, Windows and other devices, in this article, we have explained all the details to get the email setting.

Windstream offers Internet service, Dish service, landline service, to all commercial businesses in the United States. You can manage all services through one Windstream account. You can manage your account on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Outlook, etc. However, email settings differ from platform to platform. This means that Windstream email settings for Outlook will be different from Android and iOS systems. Most systems have specific configurations.

How to configure Windstream email in Outlook?
To setup Windstream Mail in Outlook you need to understand the below instructions:-

Launch your Outlook and tap on File option.
Find Account Settings and tap on it.
Click on the Add option.
Visit the Server Settings section and enable it.
Press the Next tab.
Now you need to select Internet email addresses and tap on the Next tab. Now you need to fill in the following information:
Your name: User's full name.
Email address: Windstream email address.
Choose the Account Type tab, it is present under the Server Information option. Choose the pop3 option and enter the following data:
Incoming Email:
Incoming Port: 110
Outgoing email:
Outgoing port: 25
Now you need to fill in the login details as follows:
Email: Windstream email address
Password: Windstream email password
Login with Security: None
Choose test account settings.
Press the next tab to complete the setup process.