How to fast website page speed in 2022

A visitor's first impression of a website and business is influenced by its speed. By adding more features, information and capabilities, developers and testers aim to make the website fun and functional. However, if these features or content are not updated properly, the website's performance may be adversely affected. Anyone who visits a website is concerned about how fast it loads.

Did you know that the first five seconds of page load time have the biggest impact on conversion rate?

Speed ​​is an important part of the user experience, especially for e-commerce websites, where every second of delay can cost millions of dollars.

High Speed ​​provides a better user experience.
When a customer or visitor visits your website for the first time, they want it to load quickly (within 3 seconds). Remember, these first impressions are important for online businesses. The speed at which viewers see a brand online is important.

It is natural for people to think of a fast website as being reliable and professional. Users, on the other hand, find a slow website unpleasant. Many users leave immediately and visit other fast websites to fulfill their needs. Unfavorable attitudes can be difficult to change. According to research, if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of users will abandon it. As a result, a website should load quickly every time it is accessed to provide a good user experience for first-time users.

Website speed affects SEO ranking
Google has made it clear that every product on the Internet is driven by speed. Matt Cutts, former director of webspam at Google, has officially confirmed that fast loading time is a good criterion. However, Google said that website owner should not sacrifice content quality or relevance to make web pages faster.

Speed ​​affects conversions
Remember that Google slows down crawling and demotes websites that take too long to load. Customers and visitors will stop returning to such sites or leave