How to diagnose Tracheal Stenosis? | Dr. Parthiv Shah | Chest physician in borivali

To establish whether your symptoms are caused by tracheal stenosis, The Pulmnologist may undertake the following procedures in addition to a thorough physical examination:
– The Pulmonary Function Test assesses how effectively the lungs function.
– CT scans combine X-rays and computer technology to create horizontal, or axial, images of any area of the body, including bones, muscles, fat, and organs.
– The dynamic 3D chest CT scan examines the stenosis region as the patient inhales and exhales to highlight the structures for surgical planning.
– Invisible electromagnetic energy beams are used in chest X-rays to generate images of inside tissues, bones, and organs on film or digital media.
– Bronchoscopy is a procedure that employs a bronchoscope to inspect the interior of the trachea and bronchi (air passages that lead to the lungs)
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