How to check broken links free in 2022

You probably have a lot of questions right now. What is a broken link? What are broken, link checkers? Why does my website have broken links? Are they bad or good? And many more! Stay tuned as I am going to answer all your questions in this article. Along with that, you will also know about the 10 best online tools that you can use to fix the broken links that your readers encounter when they enter your website.

How to fix broken links?
Fixing broken links can be a very difficult task. But you don't have to worry anymore because here is a list of the 10 best online tools to check broken links on websites. Check it out.

1. Sitechecker
Site checker – broken link checker
Sitechecker checks your website for broken links and gives you detailed information on how to troubleshoot and fix them properly. You can check the anchors of the 404 status code pages and fix them immediately. It is a network application, so it is controlled by the operating system.

This site checks 100 websites for free.
Provides SEO analysis of the specific pages (free) and the entire website (for monthly/yearly members).
Sitechecker provides a comprehensive report on the technical health of a website: broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, and index errors.
Showing content errors: content meta tags, subpages.
It activates the monitoring of the website after crawling: it can be notified of any updates made to the website (for paid users).
Sitechecker creates a visual structure of a website based on internal and external links.
He recommends backlink trackers and keyword ranking research services. (paid work)
You can only search 100 pages for free. Anything beyond that requires a paid subscription.
You cannot send information from free members.
2. Nose
Links Tool – Broken Link Checker
If you are looking for a tool to monitor the health and performance of your website, Linkko is for you. Whether you have a personal or business website, you can always rely on Linko.