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How To Carry Out The Repair Of The Hammer Mill?

How To Carry Out The Repair Of The Hammer Mill?

Submitted by • August 13, 2019

How to carry out the repair of the hammer mill?
Hammer mill, which is a kind of crusher and one of the website products, so let's introduce it to you so that everyone can know and understand this kind of crusher, so that you can also let yourself Learn more about this. At the same time, we can also do a good job of storing knowledge in this area in case of emergency.
The maintenance of the air hammer mill is divided into two aspects: minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.
Minor repair
(1) Check the connecting bolts for looseness. If it is loose, it should be sturdy in time.
(2) Check the hammer head for wear and tear, etc., whether it needs to be turned over and replaced.
(3) Check the fan blades for replacement or repair.
(4) Repair or replace the bar, and adjust the radial clearance to ensure the crushing size of the material.
(5) The bearing housing should be inspected and lubricated regularly, and the temperature should not exceed 70 °C.

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