What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the constituent marketing and internet online base digital automation

Computers and mobile other digital media encourage brand and many facility

Digital marketing provider digital media mobile, phone, television.

2. Topic

v Email marketing. email marketing is email business receive mails from people many people get email via email

v Social media marketing many media sites are used to connect with social media marketing

v Content marketing.

3. Practical projects

§ Social media campaign- you can approach agencies to help out in analyzing their campaigns.

§ SEO study of websites- firstly learn seo using online course and get a through idea about the concepts .

§ SEM case study-This requires extensive knowledge of Google ad words.

§ Create your website

§ Keyword research

§ Blogging]

§ Daybook for business

§ Email marketing

§ Know the tools of the game

§ Keep researching & writing