How is anemia identified? | Dr. Panchal Lab and Diagnostics Centre | Pathology Lab in Borivali

Blood tests may be performed by your healthcare professional to determine whether you have anemia. The major test is a complete blood count, often known as a CBC. The CBC can tell you how many red blood cells you have, their size, and shape. Blood testing may also reveal if you are deficient in vitamins B12 and B9, as well as how much iron your body has stored.
The type and number of blood and other tests will depend on what type of anemia you have.
If you have hemolytic anemia, blood and urine tests may be advised by your doctor.
To detect gastrointestinal bleeding, a colonoscopy or fecal occult blood testing of your stool may be recommended.
In rare situations, your physician may request a bone marrow biopsy (the removal of bone marrow tissue).
Your doctor will be able to decide the appropriate therapy based on the kind of anemia and its cause.
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