How face mists can help your skin glow

It is not easy for your skin to maintain its glow and keep itself hydrated every time you are out or even naturally, it needs external hydration. Hydration is essential as it rejuvenates your skin from the inside as well as outside. The cells need external hydration and this is when the role of face mist comes in especially in summers.

So what is a face mist and how can it help your skin to glow? Let’s start with defining the face mist.

Face mists are hydration and soothing sprays made with ingredients like essential oils, rose water, glycerin, aloe vera, cucumber extracts, etc that locks the hydration, keeps the skin moisturised and adds an instant glow. They also have the properties of serums and cleansers and come in a spray bottle or atomizer. Mists can be used as a finishing touch to your skincare routine, as well as to dissolve other cosmetics. These are not toner or makeup setters but some mists may have their properties.