How Does Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine Work

Sacha Inchi, also known as the vine, is harvested in the shape of 4 to 6 petals, each containing one inchi fruit, connected to each other by the outer shell. The kernel of Sacha Inchi is reported by three shells: the outer shell, the middle shell, and the inner shell. Among them, the outer shell and the middle shell are relatively thick, and the inner shell is relatively thin. To remove the nuts, these three shells need to be removed. Since the nuts are very brittle and the thickness and texture of the nut shell are different, it is easy to break the nuts during the process of extracting the nuts, reducing the quality of the nuts. So far we have developed the new Sacha Inchi shelling machine, let's take a look: How does Sacha Inchi shelling machine work