How Do I Isolate CBN From A Cannabinoid Mixture?

In recent years, CBD (THC-free) and, to a lesser extent, THC have received the majority of the attention in the medicinal cannabis market. However, market demands are shifting, with increased interest in so-called minor cannabinoids. In this post, I will concentrate on CBN Isolate Bulk.

Because CBN is a degradation product of THC, it is only found in trace amounts in cannabis plants. THC can be converted to CBN via oxidative processes (light/heat/air[1] or bio-enzymatically[2].) Iodine can also be used to convert CBD to CBN (Federica Pollastro, 2018).

There will be contamination from unreacted THC/CBD and other co-extracted compounds, whether through natural degradation/oxidation or chemical/enzymatic reaction.