How a Plumbing Engineer Makes Sure Your New Home Has Flowing Water

When you’re building a new home, you don’t really think about how complex and involved the process can be—at least, until something goes wrong. That’s where the plumbing engineers come in to ensure that all of the interrelated systems work together seamlessly and efficiently to keep your house full of running water, not sewage or swamp water. The chief responsibility of the plumbing engineer is to make sure every aspect of your new home plumbing works well enough to last through years of use before needing repairs.

Why do we need plumbing?
We need plumbing to have flowing water in our homes. Plumbing engineering is the process of designing and executing these systems. A plumbing engineer must have acumen and foresight to ensure that all the systems work together properly. Without plumbing, our homes would be very different places.

A look at two similar projects
Two years ago, ASR was contracted to design and install the plumbing for a new home in Los Angeles. The same year, we were also contracted to do the same for a new home in San Francisco. Though the two homes were similar in many ways, there were some key differences that made each project unique.

Back to our kitchen sink analogy
Most people think that the only time they need a plumbing engineer is when their sink is backed up. But what they don't realize is that plumbing engineers are responsible for the design and execution of the entire plumbing engineering system in a new home, from the water main to the sewer line. Without a plumbing engineer, your new home would be without flowing water.