Home Theatre Automation Or A Media Room; Which Is The Best?

Home Theatre Automation Or A Media Room; Which Is The Best?
If you are an entertainment enthusiast, you might have considered having a dedicated space for entertainment in your home. Setting up a room for the same with automated devices has become a very popular trend nowadays. Home theatres and media rooms are the two common terms which are heard verycommon in connection with home automation.This article is meant to give you a clear idea regarding the difference between the both.

Home theatre

A home theatre is a room which is fully dedicated to enjoy videos and music. The room is set up so as to reproduce the best sound and picture quality. The room would have a door to shut it out from the rest of the house. The walls, the ceiling and the door have to be made of soundproof materials so that the loud voices inside the room do not disturb others outside and the vice versa.

The following are the components and features which make an excellent home theatres.

A video display of large size placed at the right height and distance from the viewing position
Comfortable seats arranged in rows
Risers to adjust the height of seats
Sound-isolating walls, ceilings and door and no windows.
Construction incorporating the best sound reproduction features
Correctly placed speakers to give the best sound effects
Room should be fully or nearly dark when lights are turned off
Home theatre automation control(to control the light, sound, and video settings all at one place)
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