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If you’re looking to invest, mutual funds are a great investment option for diversifying your assets while minimising risks. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that allows you, an investor, to combine your money with that of other investors seeking a similar investment outcome, and have a professional investment manager use their skills to manage the money to achieve that stated outcome. The investment manager invests in various instruments such as cash, treasury bills, bonds, equity, real estate, etc.

Features of High-Performing Mutual Funds
From impressive performance history to a solid investment strategy, high-performing mutual funds have a few things in common. These characteristics are important and can help you identify the right mutual fund to invest in.

For Long-term Rewards
This fund is an excellent long-term investment option as it minimises investment risk by spreading the risk across a variety of asset classes. The FBN Balanced Fund invests in equities, bonds, money market instruments, real estate and other securities in the capital market.

The starting investment sum for this fund is N50,000 with dividend payments made annually. This fund is recommended for investors who are looking for a medium-risk investment solution that offers long-term capital growth and competitive returns.

You can see more reports on the performance history of these high-performing funds, by visiting historical-factsheets. To read more on FBN Mutual Funds visit – FBN Quest For Best High performing mutual funds