Hexane Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Share, Top Companies, Growth

Hexane is a widely preferred chemical for oil extraction from seeds and other oil-producing fruits, owing to its excellent solubilizing ability, high evaporation rate, low boiling point, easy oil recovery, and high yield. It is also used in dry cleaning, paint manufacturing, and the color printing of fabrics.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the hexane market is projected to reach USD 3,075 million by 2027 from USD 2,432 million in 2022, at a CAGR of 4.8%, during the forecast period. Steady demand from the edible oils market is driving the need for hexane. Moreover, the increase in demand for the solvent in the paints & coatings industry is increasing growth opportunities for the hexane market.

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Food grade hexane is a non-volatile dearomatized fluid with a very low benzene content volume. It is a colorless and clear liquid with petroleum odor and sediment-free characteristics. Food grade hexane is produced from raw hexane feed using sulfolane as an extraction solvent to reduce the unsaturated content.

Pharmaceutical grade hexane is a high-purity grade of hexane that is available in purity levels as high as 99% with minimal impurities. In addition to high purity, pharmaceutical grade hexane has a low boiling point, low toxicity, minimal odor, and no poisonous fumes. The pharmaceutical grade hexane is, therefore, a commonly used solvent in the pharmaceutical & drug industry, where it is used for creating molds that are further utilized to produce tablet molds.

Steady demand from the edible oils end-use is driving the growth of the hexane market

Hexane has a greater ability to extract oil when compared to other solvents, such as petroleum ether and ethyl acetate. Therefore, it is mainly used in the extraction of edible oils from vegetables and seeds, including soybean, mustard seed, cottonseed, rape seed, flax, groundnut, corn germ, safflower seed, and palm.