Herniated lumbar disc- know how your lumbar spine is in jeopardy

It is necessary to treat when the rubbery lumbar discs protrude into the spinal space or compress the nerves. Read on to learn more about herniated lumbar discs. Because it is more flexible and plays an important role in weight-bearing and balancing, the lumbar spine is more prone to spinal disc herniation. Despite being flexible and rubbery, our spinal discs can be damaged by overuse or heavy impacts. Sitting, standing, or moving can easily aggravate the symptoms of herniated lumbar discs. Our spine is made up of 33 vertebrae that are stacked and interlocked one on top of the other. To ensure the smooth movement of the spine, spinal discs are located between the vertebrae. In a safe spinal cavity, the spinal cord or nerve roots run beneath it.