helicopter service for kedarnath

people love traveling and are fond of adventure and nature also and when it comes to talking about a place that has these both with a touch of religious glory there is a name that comes to mind for everyone especially if he or she is from India. what is that place? obviously Kedarnath. A place that is the dream of every person living in India to have the Kedarnath darshan. there are so many people who go to Kedarnath every year from march or May to November-December is the time when the destination is open for nearly six months and remains closed for the time left six months. people use their own vehicles, travel agencies, few use local guides and few have their own relatives, etc whereas sometimes use the Kedarnath helicopter service generally these helicopter services for Kedarnath are used by old age people of the people who can afford the helicopter service use it. Everyone has different ways of going but the destination for everyone is just the same: darshan of Kedarnath