Adecade back, did you even imagine sitting on your couch at home and attending all the high-profile meetings? However, in today's time, technology is at its peak, creating faster and easier working systems. And with COVID-19, these opportunities were exploited even more.

Gone is when people rush to catch the metro or get a lift during office hours. You don't go to the office because you now have your office at home. However, as easy as it sounds, one may not enjoy the luxury of being at home due to the lack of office feels.

You cry on a Monday to wake early and make it to this concrete building. However, taking those short breaks for coffee with friends or sharing some gossip with our colleagues and at the same time nagging at our mates for a birthday or anniversary party is something we miss when working from home.

Though you may not have your co-workers at home, perhaps you can create a creative workspace for you to enjoy working from home.

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