Gravity Flow Rack / Flow Rack Rollers in stock, Mezzanine / Warehouse Storage Mezzanine Floor

Five Advantages Of Products
Ideal for expiry dated materials
An almost solid volume of usable storage space
Space, manpower and utilities savings
Shelves can be adjusted to meet product dimensions
Reduces loading and unloading congestion
Product Details
Product Details

The gravity element allows for immediate fulfillment of space when a case is picked, eliminating the need for pickers to have to reach to the back of racking or shelving to select items. This combined with the option to create multiple levels of carton flow racks, and product lanes within them, delivers a much more efficient, speedy and productive pick process, with increased pick faces created in smaller areas.

Gravity flow rack is an effective way to utilize space within the warehouse because of its ability to store numerous pallets at once. This first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage solution is built with high-density steel that maximizes efficiency in the warehouse by expediting product distribution.

Gravity flow rack is ideal for heavy, medium good such as cans and boxed food items, where picking density is high, and space is limited. Centralizing strips can then be used at the entrance of the aisle to ensure the pallet is central.