Going Back to Our Roots, The Green Lifestyle/farmhouse project

The answer to the challenge of sustaining life on earth in this situation is to go back to our roots and revive the Vedic forest science. There are many different aspects of how our ancestors created the forests through meticulous planning and adopting the forests, protecting the tree species and systematically planting the trees creating vast tracts of forests. More than 70% of the food was coming from forests in the past. Fruits, vegetables, herbs for medicine, etc., would be grown in the ‘forest’ which was known as Vanas. We need to re-discover those methods and revive the forests. At the core of Vanatvam’s philosophy is to revive forest science and start to develop ‘Vanas’ which will be self-sustaining after a few years of care.

As ardent believers in reviving Vedic forest science, we will develop Vanas or mini-forest patches such as Nakshatra Vana, Panchavati Vana, Saraswati Vana, Navagraha Vana and more to add a spiritual dimension to raw nature. To further add to the experience at Vanatvam, there would be water bodies incorporated into the community farms which would add to the ambience, along with the music of rustling leaves giving everyone a heavenly feeling.