Global Talent Visa Endorsement Services

The British government has recognised that the UK must be highly attractive to domain experts to remain competitive. Therefore, they introduced a specific talent-based immigration category-the Global Talent Visa. This visa is available for internationally recognised world leaders or potential world-leading talent in Science and Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Digital Technology, Arts and Culture, and Research who require a visa to work in the UK. Global Talent visa enables individuals to live and work in the UK with full freedom.

Global Talent Visa- Application Process
You can apply for a Global Talent visa from within or outside the UK, and the application process involves two stages.
Stage 1: Endorsement
You must submit your application to the applicable endorsing body for endorsement at the first stage. The endorsing body will then review the application and assess you based on specific criteria, such as your skills, abilities, and achievements in the niche industry, and advise the Home Office on whether the endorsement should be issued. This stage takes up to 8 weeks to be processed. If your application is considered under 'Fast Track', you may get an endorsement decision in 3 weeks.
Stage 2: Visa Application or Immigration:
After gaining an endorsement, you can proceed to the second stage, the visa application itself. You are guaranteed a Global Talent visa (subject to regular immigration checks).
You must apply for the Global Talent Visa within three months of receiving your endorsement from one of the endorsement bodies. You must submit a copy of the endorsement letter that was emailed to you when your endorsement application was approved, a valid passport and other travel document and if the applicant is from one of the countries on the Home Office's Tuberculosis (TB) testing list, TB test result letter is required. This stage usually takes up to 3 weeks if you are outside the UK and up to 8 weeks inside the UK.