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Global Best practices in senior living

Global Best practices in senior living

Submitted by • April 21, 2020

Seniors are a growing community around the world who have their own set of needs in terms of care, entertainment and assistance. A report released by the UN Population Fund and Helpage India pegged the number of senior citizens to grow to 173 million by 2026 in India. Around the world large communities focussed on senior citizens is growing that allows for all forms of senior living ranging from independent and assisted living to memory care and full nursing care. The growing market has also brought with it a set of global best practices that need to be followed in order to better serve this section of society.

Senior housing today needs to be more than just non-slip tiles and support bars. Many people today retire at 60 years but have active social lives for almost another 20 years, so the homes now must cater to a host of requirements that include entertainment, social gatherings, care systems and even a new learning environment. Taking into consideration the various best practices

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