An increasing number of car enthusiasts are repairing vintage vehicles. Old Chevy trucks and Ford Broncos are seeing a renaissance among enthusiasts of classic American automobiles. Land Rover Defenders appeal to those who are enamored with safari experiences. Like Broncos, new Defenders are advertised and sold in the United States, but the demand for vintage Defenders is still strong. Defenders’ rehabilitation process is fraught with difficulties. Frequently, it disappears into the grey market, or even worse, when shops restore vintage Defenders, producing Frankenstein vehicles that were outlawed in the US for security concerns. Imagine how you would feel if the shop simply made your car disappear along with the money you paid the shop owners or if the shop refused to show you your vehicle, falsely claiming that you owe money for storage or additional repairs never requested or documented. It was as if ending up with an illegal Defender after spending thousands of dollars needed to improve. US restoration is increasing.