Gifts of the Spirit training in Bangalore

Do you know that all believers can flow in all nine gifts of the Spirit? The gifts of the Spirit are like our tool box with tools to help each of us get Kingdom work accomplished, to bless others and glorify Jesus Christ. Regardless of what you do in everyday life – a home-maker, a business person, a professional, an artist, a student, a teacher or in Christian ministry – you can learn how to manifest all the gifts of the Spirit and release the power of the Spirit, right where you are, on the go!

Each of the nine gifts will be explained with Biblical and practical examples.
You will be activated and encouraged to flow in the gifts of the Spirit.
You will learn how to stir yourself up to be available to the Holy Spirit.
You will learn how to develop your spirit-man to make you better able to release the gifts.
You will learn how to remove soul blockages that hinder the flow of the gifts.
You will also learn how to release the flow of God's power through you.